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Product search

Tap the desired search term at the top of the box and get instant search results suggestions . By directly click come to the detailed information of the product.

Select product

·         If you want to order the desired product so please click on the button " add to cart " . By clicking on the button , a pop-up window will appear where you can change their " Shopping Resume" or directly " add to cart " . By clicking the top right on " CART " you will always see which items are currently in your shopping cart.

·         If you have made your selection , click on your cart. You can remove the shopping basket again by clicking the numbers or the right of the product to remove.

If the product information is correct, click on " Checkout ".


·         You can also order without account . For this, you simply click the " Order as a Guest " . It is more convenient to set up an account for you in the next order , the data does not need to enter again and can view the latest information about the current job in your customer 's.

·         Either sign with your existing customer data or open a new customer, account . After a successful login Geht's continue the booking process.

Shipping options

If the delivery address is different from your billing address , click below your address on the button "Change Address " . You now have the option to add a new delivery address to your account . This you can easily select the next time or add multiple shipping addresses.

Now select your desired shipping option . For disposal following selection is possible:

·         pickup Johnstrasse (1150)

·         GLS

·         Deutscher Paket Dienst

·         Austrian Post AG

Choose payment method and billing address

Now select a billing address if this should differ.

If the billing address should be different , click below your address on the button "Change Address " . You now have the option to add a new billing address to your customer . You may select the next time convenient.

Next step is to go to the payment . Select the type of payment.

·         cash payment

·         Debit card

·         PayPal or credit card

·         Sofortüberweisung.de

·         Prepayment by bank transfer

·         financing by Santander Bank (request minimum value ¤100)

You can also follow a step in this order or redeem multiple coupons . The value is then deducted from the total amount of your order.

If you have made your selection, click on the button "CONTINUE THE ORDER".

Check details and conclude Shopping

You will receive a summary of your total order and your order data . Please check all the information . If you find a mistake, you can click on the top right to correct " basket " by him . Please confirm that you accept our terms and conditions and privacy policy , we can not run or your order.

If all information is correct , connect by clicking on the button " pay it order " your order. You will shortly receive an email with the order confirmation . We also inform you during the processing of your order by e- mail about the current status ( payment and shipping confirmation , expected delivery time , etc. ).

Current information and the order information you can also view at any time under " MY ACCOUNT " in your account.

Orders must be placed in the online shop , there are no orders by fax, phone or mail received . For all offers and / or orders which have to be applied manually to 2 % of the order value , but at least charged ¤ 4 handling fee!